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SosaCeo IYM420

   SOSA . C.E.O               I.Y.M



Ratty IYM420



Ratty aka Ratstar used to be one of Pliaz’s boys from back in the day when they all resided in South London.  The duo used to hang out together and generally get themselves in a whole heap of trouble back in the day. Music proved to be a distracting influence that has turned in to an all consuming passion, about three years ago Pliaz convinced him to make an appearance on a mix-tape he was working on, and the rest was history.  Serious and passionate about his music, Ratty gets ratty when confronted by music he considers not real and would often proceed on what can only be best described as a tirade directed at all those who 'sell out' by not reflecting a more realistic picture of life in London.  Versatile, with a lyrical flow at home on a variety of U.K genres, he sees himself as a U.K. artist with hip-hop as his first love. Sosa often has to cut him short in the studio when he just gets caught in the moment; Ratty like the rest of the I.Y.M420, is one to watch.

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