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What is I.Y.M 420

I.Y.M420 a.k.a "In Your Mind Records" is now in full effect with the Music,Fashion, Shows & the official IYM420 Podcast..

Browse through and have a feel of what I.Y.M420 is all about..

In Your Mind (I.Y.M.) initially started out as a loose collective of friends who got behind a vision originally dreamed up by its main creative driving force; Sosa. This dream is the label I.Y.M420. The label whilst in its infancy had a number of seasoned underground artists who have over the years performed as the collective, ‘No.1 London Boys’.

I.Y.M420 has an exclusive fashion line and accessories, often with limited releases that has grown over the years due to popular demand. The label offers an array of garments and accessories, as well as dedicated swag for the fashion savvy sistas. The latest season is currently sold out although new stock will be available soon via Watch this space!


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